Our Partners

The Digital Miscellanies Index would not exist as the freely available resource it now is were it not for the outstanding generosity and expertise of Joe Gollner and his team at Gnostyx Research Inc. The search interface and XML version of the database were built by Joe Gollner, Shirin Ahmadzadeh-Shad, Amir Ghavam, Kelsey Nelson, and Ian Skeaff in 2013, and the site is hosted and maintained by Gnostyx Research. This partnership has been vital for the development of the Digital Miscellanies Index, and we are grateful for the ongoing support of Gnostyx Research.

A new back end database and front end search interface are currently being developed by a team at Bodleian Digital Library Systems and Services. We are delighted to be working with the Bodleian Libraries to take the Index into the next phase of its development.

The database was initially built by Carl Marshall at Oxford University Computing Services. It was further developed by Sushila Burgess and Jill Gravestock at Bodleian Digital Library Systems and Services.

The project is generously funded by The Leverhulme Trust. We are privileged to have received two major grants, first to create a database of miscellanies, and second to enhance the online Index and conduct new research into miscellanies and reading in the eighteenth century. The second phase of the project is a collaborative one, conducted in partnership with Professor Michelle O'Callaghan at the University of Reading and Professor Adam Smyth at the University of Oxford. We are working with Professor O'Callaghan and Professor Smyth to link the Digital Miscellanies Index with data on sixteenth- and seventeenth-century miscellanies, thus creating a joined-up record of the miscellany tradition from the 1550s to the 1780s.

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