In this small collection you can get some idea of the range of material available to the eighteenth-century miscellany reader – whether they were looking for the canonical, the pious, the bawdy or the fashionable.

You will find here a selection of some of the major collections and genres published over the course of the century, accompanied by new short introductory essays by scholars who have worked on them.

The texts are all taken from Google Books, and are available as searchable links to the Google site, and as PDFs to download. Each work has a cover page outlining the terms of Google's requirements for the use of the material, and these license agreements apply to all the texts included here.

If you would like to add to our library, (using texts that are freely available for non commercial, personal use), please contact us.

When the Digital Miscellanies Index database is launched in 2013 we will upload links to a small library of approximately 400 miscellanies available through Google Books, which will be searchable by theme, date, and place of publication.

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