The Digital Miscellanies Index provides a searchable record of the contents of more than 1,600 poetic miscellanies published between 1680 and 1800. Click here to search the database.

Verse miscellanies showcase the enormous diversity of literary culture in the eighteenth century. The Digital Miscellanies Index opens up the contents of these miscellanies like never before, making it possible to trace the evolution of collections and the transmission of poems across the eighteenth century.

New Search Interface

In partnership with Bodleian Digital Library Systems and Services, we have developed a new search interface that opens up new ways of searching and browsing the Index. Click here to explore the new features.

Miscellanies in Eighteenth-Century Life

Abigail Williams and Jennifer Batt have edited a special issue of Eighteenth-Century Life on 'Poetry and Popularity in Eighteenth-Century Poetic Miscellanies' (January 2017). The essays illustrate new developments in miscellanies scholarship that the Digital Miscellanies Index has made possible, and many of the contributors have taken part in the creation of the Index. For more visit Eighteenth-Century Life.

A New History of Authorship and Reading

Launched in 2013, the Digital Miscellanies Index was created by a team of researchers and developers at the University of Oxford, led by Abigail Williams and Jennifer Batt, with funding from The Leverhulme Trust. Abigail Williams and Carly Watson are now leading a second Leverhulme-funded project to develop the Index and undertake substantial new research into eighteenth-century cultures of writing and reading.

For more on this project, and updates from the postdoctoral researcher, Carly Watson, visit our blog.

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